Chrysler debuts childish new ad campaign

Cerberus and Chrysler are now officially linked, and to celebrate, the privately-owned automaker is kicking off a new ad campaign titled "Get ready for the next 100 years." The ads will showcase Chrysler's many accomplishments of the past while illustrating why the company will be part of the many generations to come. The folks from Auburn Hills are going all-out, including print and radio spots across the nation.

The Pentastar got creative with its print campaign, and it's dragging out the kiddies to get our attention. The ad shows three children in car seats, each dressed in clothes that illustrate what each brand is about. The Dodge kid is great, race helmet and all (too bad you can't put a car seat in a Viper). The Jeep kid is sitting in a camo'd car seat, which fits the off-road brand perfectly. The little girl in the Chrysler kiddie seat is a little less obvious, but we're guessing she stands for class and refinement. The point of the spot is to show how Chrysler is looking towards future generations of customers. Who knows, maybe these kids will wind up driving an all-electric Charger someday. Hopefully the Chrysler interiors are better by then, too.

[Source: Chrysler]

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