Chrysler says its interiors will get more attention

Thank goodness! That was our first response, and we bet it might have been yours as well. Ralph Gilles, vice president of Advance Interior and Design for Chrysler tells Automotive News that his company will begin designing new interiors as much as a year sooner than in the past.

Chrysler's 2008 minivans are cited in the article as an example of the company's decision to invest more time into what some customers consider the most important part of a vehicle. Gilles said the longer design time will give Chrysler more opportunities incorporate innovative ideas, materials and technology into its products.

Hopefully it will give Chrysler more opportunity to get rid of those vast expanses of gray, featureless plastic that their cars are now filled with. It's about time the company that has had some of the most progressive exterior designs gets interiors to match.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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