Vectrix and their fuel cell scooter plans, coming to a city near you?

One post with two Vectrix updates! You are lucky readers today, aren't you! We have been doing our best to keep you up to date with Vectrix news, and today we share with you a few details regarding their impending fuel cell scooter. As far as the motor and battery go, all seems to be roughly the same. That means that the scooter has fine acceleration all the way up to its 62 mile per hour top speed. But the range has been extended by the on-board fuel cell to 155 miles. I would imagine that if the battery pack were the same, you might never need the extra capacity of the fuel cell, as you can charge the machine using a standard home outlet.

I would personally say that if hydrogen fuel cells have any hope of hitting the consumer's garages any time soon that it would be as a range-extender. Plug-in electric vehicles are most certainly the most viable option at this time. As consumers are still tied to the idea of refilling their tanks for a seemingly endless range, hydrogen fuel cells might help motivate them to go electric.

Also, The Scooter Scoop has a post up which details Vectrix's roll-out plans including where you can check one out for yourself. If you have any interest in this machine, it's worth a click.

[Source: Jalopnik and The Scooter Scoop]

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