Ridding the world of fossil fuels by MAGIC: the Magnesium Injection Cycle

Tokyo Institute of Technology Professor Takashi Yabe has demonstrated a process called the Magnesium Energy Cycle. This cycle calls upon "MAGIC" to perform its power generation... really! The process is called the MAGnesium Injection Cycle, which produces steam, hydrogen and magnesium oxide. The hydrogen is burned to create more steam, adding to the power generation. Lastly, the magnesium oxide is broken down into more magnesium and oxygen, which allows that leftover magnesium to be reused as more fuel.

The steam can be used to create more than enough electricity for power production, but to save as much as possible, a solar laser is used for breaking down the magnesium oxide. It is worth mentioning that steam power provides most of our electricity already. Nuclear power plants run large steam turbines as do coal and gas powered plants.

This "MAGIC" process was successfully demonstrated by Mitsubishi back in 2006. Since then, Yabe and his team have been refining the process. As we have said many times, the more ways we can get clean energy the better. This could be one more nail in fossil fuel's coffin.

[Source: Inventor Spot]

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