One legged armless man goes to jail for driving violations

Michael Wiley lost his arms and most of his left leg in an electrical accident when he was 13. He didn't let the lack of limbs stop him from getting his driver's license or driving. His toes handle starting, his knee is on shifting duty, and his stumps do the steering. He turns on the lights with his teeth. He also didn't let it stop him from the kind of spirited piloting that includes leading police on high speed car chases, having his license suspended numerous times, and racking up enough felonious driving charges to spend three years in jail. He's even kicked a state trooper.

His latest trick: speeding off in an Explorer, leading police on a high speed chase -- and eluding them. Finally caught and taken to court, he was sentenced to five years in jail for felony driving and drug charges. Now Wiley says his driving days are over: "I'm beat. The white flag is up." For a man with one limb, it's a pretty incredible record.

Thanks for the tip, Ben!

[Source: MSNBC]

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