Autoblog Podcast #72

We tried hard to get a podcast going last week, but it just wasn't good enough. This week, the internet gods smiled on us with solid connections that cleared the way for our incisor-sharp banter. Kicking off #72, we discuss the dual surprise from Ford and GM - profit! The US operations showed losses, but overseas branches pulled in the dough, and as Alex points out "money is money." Moving on to less dull subjects, the MINI Clubman was officially unveiled, and it seems like all of the growth is in its arse. There's more legroom in the back seat, and cargo space gets a boost, as well. In typical German fashion, they took the long way around to achieve what could have been a simple platform stretch. Speaking of Germans - Wolfgang Bernhard is officially in at Chrysler. That is, if Hades 3-headed guard dog can pull it together on the funding side. It's not much of a surprise, and we hope that he can right the good ship Chrysler.
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We apparently have a fixation on dull subjects this week - starting with the earnings report, and now moving on to Toyota. Admitting you've got a problem is the first step to recovery, and Toyota has identified the fact that their cars are snoozers. In a very characteristic move, a committee has been formed to develop interesting cars that will have more appeal. Isn't that what Scion was supposed to do? Whoops. If they'd listen to us, Toyota would be all set; we solve the problem in a couple of minutes. Of course our solution focuses on sports cars.

Speaking of sports cars, Hyundai has confirmed that the next generation Tiburon will be RWD. If they keep benchmarking a class above where the car will sell, and raising their game like they have with recent cars, the new Tib will be hot. Good on Hyundai for not blindly following into full size pickups, too. On a final note, we rejoice that real racing is back on TV. With Speed having morphed into the NASCAR channel, there's a bright future for The Racing Network, which is everything but NASCAR - you know, things like right turns. TRN is what Speedvision was, before they changed the name and made it suck. And, we're clear - that's it! 44 minutes of punditry. See you next week!

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