The Racing Network wants to offer NASCAR-free motorsports coverage - you game?

The Racing Network (TRN) just put out a call to motor racing fans. Well, fans of racing other than just NASCAR. Trying to gauge public interest, they have asked visitors to vote on their very existence. The question they ask is simple, if a bit wordy: "Would you be willing to: Switch from your current cable or satellite provider to the cable or satellite provider that carries the new non-NASCAR Racing Network, or add the additional cable or satellite provider in order to watch the new non-NASCAR Racing Network?"

What they are offering is "a 24/7 racing network" that's "devoted exclusively to the NON-NASCAR race fan." The programming would include "thousands of hours of live, historical and first run racing as well as many weekly race magazine-style shows including weekly coverage of major domestic series, [with] behind the scenes access..."

They're talking about coverage of Open Wheel, Drag racing, Rally, GT, Touring Car, Bike Racing (road and off road ), Karting, Vintage, Rallycross, Sports Cars, Endurance, Motocross, Supermoto, Off Road/Dirt, European Truck racing, UTE racing, Hill Climb, Porsche Cup, Desert, Speedway, Adventure, Historical, Various Club programs, (Porsche, Corvette, etc), and Various manufacturer series. Sounds super to us. If it sounds like something in which you'd be interested, visit their site by clicking the Read link below and vote. Please note, they request only one vote per household.

Thanks for the tip, Mike!

[Source: The Racing Network]

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