Will the Audi A1 be shown with a hybrid drivetrain in Tokyo?

Back on the 25th of July, our sister site Autoblog ran a post which showed what appears to be official pictures of the upcoming Audi A1. Those pictures showed a small Mini Cooper-sized vehicle which may or may not be sold in America. German Car Blog then ran news a few days later saying that the real thing would be shown in Tokyo at the next motor show. None of this was particularly green news ... until now. New reports are coming in that the vehicle shown above, the Audi A1 Speedster, will be shown in hybrid form at that same Tokyo Motor Show. No details currently exist on the drivetrain, but as Autoblog reported, we are expecting to see a new 7 speed DSG gearbox, which is good.

Note that all of this is speculation at this time. The pictures above are rendered, not real. Also, the pictures ran on Autoblog were supposedly "smuggled" out of the Audi offices. When there's smoke, there's fire, though... as they say. So, expect to see something like this soon in official form from Audi.

[Source: German Car Blog and Autoblog]

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