LEAKED: Official Audi A1 sketches

click above image to view all three reportedly official sketches of the Audi A1

The folks over at CAR online swear they have three official design sketches of Audi's upcoming MINI-fighter, the A1. Reportedly "smuggled" out of Ingoldstadt's design studio, the sketches show Audi's tiny hatch in three-door trim, though a five-door, coupe and convertible are also planned. Based on the automaker's Modular Tranverse Matrix (MQB) platform, the A1 will supposedly be cheap to produce, which may allow Audi to price it up to 10% below the MINI in Europe. Quattro all-wheel drive will of course be offered, though front-wheel drive will be standard on base models. The A1 is also slated to receive a new 7-speed DSG that's cheaper to produce than current clutchless cog swappers. Engines, meanwhile, at least for the European market, should range from 65 to 170bhp in gas models, as well as a 200bhp S1 model, and 75 to 130bhp for diesel models. CAR expects prices to start around €16,000, or nearly $22,000 USD, though we're not sure when or even if Audi will bring its little A1 to the States.

[Source: CAR online]

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