Transformers in China... more than meets the eye?

Just before the Transformers movie came out, Sebastian put up a post about what is wrong with the movie. The problem as he saw it is that a great opportunity was missed: the opportunity to push green technology in this big budget Hollywood film. Let's face it, GM spent lots of money to be featured in the movie, and what cars did they choose to spotlight? A turbocharged Solstice, V8 powered Camaro and a huge behemoth of a pickup truck. I also see a Hummer in the poster above. Note that their biggest star from the show circuit last year, the Volt, was conspicuously missing from the film.

Treehugger blogger Alex P. sent us a link to a story where he pointed out how big Transformers are in China. Apparently, really big... and he doesn't really like the message that the movie gives to the kids there. The auto industry in China is booming, and he feels that it doesn't need any more help in the form of the movie. He also shares a few links to other people making a similar argument. Do any of readers care to comment on this issue? Or, is it a non-issue? Feel free to share your opinion.

[Source: Treehugger]

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