We can't let Autoblog have all the fun! Vespa has a Transformers connection.

Yes, I am looking forward to the live-action Transformers movie. I too was a child of the '80s, watched all the shows and had all the toys. My brother and I must have watched the cartoon movie a hundred times at home. Am I worried about the new movie? Will Michael Bay mess with a good thing? Maybe, but I am definitely going to see it on opening day anyway. Perhaps even the midnight showing, depending on who I can get to go with me. Perhaps you have followed the coverage of the Transformers movie on Autoblog. Have you secretly been yearning to do the same on AutoblogGreen? Good news then! We love to talk about scooters around here, and Vespa apparently has some tie-in with the movie. According to this page on Vespa's site, you can get a free ticket to see the movie if you test ride a Vespa. Well worth looking into, if you ask me.

[Source: Vespa USA]

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