New Honda patent reveals that they are working on electric scooters too

I swear, The Scooter Scoop and their super-astute reader named Dudel are on fire when it comes to new electric happenings on two wheels. Yesterday, we showed you the Piaggio electric moped which allows pedaling in addition to electric wheel motors in the front and rear wheels. Now, it seems that Honda is getting in the electric scooter game with this new patent. From the cryptic description on the patent, it seems that the rear wheel has a drum brake which is driven by an electric motor. Apparently, the drum brake is finned to allow efficient heat transfer from the brake and the electric motor. As I am sure you know, the cooler most mechanical things are kept, the longer they last. Will they release this vehicle to the unsuspecting public? Meh, not sure... but it's certainly a good thing that they are experimenting with them!

[Source: The Scooter Scoop]

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