Piaggio files patent for a two-wheel-drive electric moped

Piaggio has gone a slightly different route with their newest moped design. In fact, they have taken two different routes; the machine includes electric motors in both the front and rear wheels. Piaggio and their wholly-owned Vespa have produced mopeds and sold them in America before, but not for many years. After recently seeing success bringing their scooter models back to America and helping to kick-start the scooter scene again, is it time for them to attempt the same with the humble moped?

Thanks to Steve Guzman from The Scooter Scoop, we have seen a link directly to the patent application (sub. required, in .pdf). Steve has a loyal reader named Dudel who finds these patents, so we should be thanking him too. This machine, like other mopeds, is really a hybrid which allows pedaling along with the battery power. Speed is 25 miles per hour with both wheels powered, 15 with just the rear. Your mileage will depend on how much you want to pedal. Sound cool? Unfortunately, we don't have a release date yet, but we'll be keeping our eyes and ears open.

[Source: The Scooter Scoop, thanks Steve]

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