Porsche doesn't plan to take over VW... yet

The latest in Porsche-Volkswagen relations is that the sports car maker has contingencies in place to raise its stake in the VW Group, but at this point is not planning an outright takeover.

As you may recall, when Porsche recently increased its ownership in Volkswagen AG, it was bound by German law to make an offer to purchase controlling interest. The offer Porsche submitted to Volkswagen shareholders was purposely low because Porsche didn't want to fully take over Volkswagen.

That law is now on the verge of being repealed, leaving the door open for Porsche to further increase its stake, but that doesn't mean that it will automatically take the opportunity to further entrench the anschluss between the two companies founded by Ferdinand Porsche. If, however, Porsche's position on the Volkswagen board is threatened, it could increase its stake up to 50-percent without any further bureaucracy and legal issues, but for now it plans on staying where it is.

[Source: Reuters]

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