The 2007 EV Conversion Workshop is converting a VW Vanagon to electric

As part of the 2007 EV Conversion Workshop, and sponsored by Bucks County Renewables with the help of the Energy Justice Network, Jenny Isaacs has gotten together a group made up mostly of teachers who will be converting a 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon from gasoline power to electric. We told you about this way back in March, and now we can follow up that story by directing you over to a site made by Jenny to update everybody on the progress.

The plan is to make this a completely zero-emissions vehicle by offsetting the carbon spent while charging the vehicle by purchasing wind energy. If you would like to check out the vehicle once it has been completed, they plan to show it off at RiverFest, in Frenchtown NJ on Sept 1 - 3 and at the Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Festival in Kempton PA, Sept 21 - 23. We certainly wish Jenny and the ten person team the best!


[Source: Electric Vanagon and Jenny Isaacs]

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