Electric vehicle (EV) advocate Jenny Isaacs has decided she can't wait for rising fuel prices to usher in a wave of hybrids and EVs, and has instead started a workshop to teach people how to convert their own vehicles. Isaacs has brought a Californian EV expert in to run a two-week course in her home town that will show 20 vocational-technical school teachers how to convert a petrol-powered vehicle into a straight EV.

A 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon will go under the knife for the sake of the course and be converted into a road-going electric vehicle, a process which typically costs around $10,000 including labour and 8-16 lead acid batteries. Lead acid batteries take many hours to charge and only offer a short travel distance but are incredibly cheap to run once they're set up.

Analysis: With lithium-ion battery technology moving forward so quickly and dropping in price, there will be a real niche for people to offer EV conversions in the future. Imagine a standard, turn-key li-ion battery conversion kit with everything you needed to convert your car being sold on the promise of no more fuel bills. That's an idea that would sell.


[Source: The Morning Call via Its Getting Hot In Here]

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