Detroit job market versus fuel economy: does it have to be this way?

The topic of the Michigan job market and economy is certainly a hot one right now. With the Big 3 going to the bargaining table with the UAW, plant closings and Detroit's declining market share, some insiders might view the proposed increases in fuel mileage as kicking Detroit while it's down. This is the stance that Michigan's governors are taking in talks going on as we speak at the National Governors Association convention. As you may be aware, thirteen states are planning on adopting the toughest emissions and mileage regulations that California is pressing for. While the governors of those thirteen states say that they can understand the problems that are facing Michigan, and Detroit in particular, that they are not going to be backing down from their beliefs that the climate and the environment is more important to them and their voters. This being politics, one might wonder if the tables might turn if their home industries were the ones that would be the most affected by the legislation, but that is a topic for another time.

We have brought you some articles which discuss the possible jobs that could result from tough mileage requirements. As readers of our site, we like to think of you as intelligent, open minded people. So, why not share your own thoughts with us. Do you think that the Michigan industrial job market or the auto industry in general is being unfairly targeted by these new mileage and emissions regulations?

[Source: Detroit News]

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