Magna might build maxi MINI Colorado SUV

Magna is making news all over. The latest effort from the Canadian auto supplier is aimed at getting BMW to let it build a MINI SUV. The SUV will be called the "Colorado," and could be the next step in MINI's increasingly grand line. As it is, the MINI is so popular that BMW can't squeeze another car out of its MINI plant in Oxford, England, and it's still got the Clubman to deal with. Magna has excess capacity at its Steyr plant in Graz, Austria where the Chrysler 300 was built until Chrysler shifted more of its production to its Brampton, Ontario plant. The Austrian factory will also lose out on building the next generation BMW X3, whose production will shift to South Carolina, and both Chrysler and Mercedes are bringing more operations in-house. Magna Steyr built 26,400 Chryslers and 113,000 X3's last year, and is working replace those with 65,000 MINI Colorados, as well as 20,000 VW roadsters.

Thanks for the tip, Paul!

[Source: The Globe and Mail]

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