Hot rumor: Opel wll sell an all-electric car by the end of 2010

That zig-zag in the Opel logo just might be hiding the plans for an all-electric car. This rumor is surfacing in Forbes, which says their source is today's issue of Auto Motor Sport magazine. Details are so scant they're barely enough to fill a post, but here's the rumor: Opel will "bring out" a pure electric vehicle at the end of 2010. So says GM's European chief Carl-Peter Forster.
OK. That's it.

Forster did give some reasons for releasing an EV, namely that hybrid technology is too pricey to put in small cars, which hints that this Opel EV will be a small car.

We know that GM will be showing a new E-Flex version at the IAA car show in Frankfurt in September. Is that the basis for the Opel EV, or did someone at Auto Motor Sport misinterpret the Opel diesel E-Flex that will be shown there as a pure electric car? It's not impossible.

[Source: Forbes, h/t to Linton at Hugg]

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