Detroit Free Press wants to know if the Chevy Volt is an E-REV, or what?

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In the AutoblogGreen green world, we're happy to call the Chevy Volt what it is, an electric car with a range extender, because we think you all understand what that means. I mean, you read all the details of the E-Flex platform that sits under the Volt (with updates), right? But imagine you're a Detroit Free Press writer and you've got to keep bringing news of this concept car to a general reading audience. What do you call the Volt? Is it a hybrid? Well, yes, by some definitions of the word. Is it an electric car? Again, yes, but...

So, to help the newsroom come up with a catchy and accurate name, writer Mark Phelan has a column out today where he goes through the possible contenders (hybrid, plug-in hybrid, series hybrid, electric car, extended-range electric vehicle) and why each isn't perfect. Phelan does make a good point that E-REV sounds good, it'll just take a while until everyone knows what the heck it means. If you've got a good moniker that you think the Freep should use, go ahead and share it with them (and us, of course).

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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