Hybridfest 2007: America's largest hybrid car festival, with PHEVs (and ABG)

On the road again...
Hybrid Fest 2007 is happening this weekend, folks, so buckle up, plug your PDA into your Prius, and maximize every ounce of oil in your tank to get to Madison, Wisconsin for two days of jolly green joy. Bloggers, hypermilers, hybrid owners and everyone else is invited to the largest hybrid event in the country for mingling, test driving, and a little learning on the side.

On the agenda in the presentation department are author Sherry Boschert talking about plug-in hybrids and how they'll change America, Jonathon Foley from SAGE giving us "News from a Warming Planet", and Wisconsin State Representative Joe Parisi on the Wisconsin hybrid car tax bill, among other things. There will be interactive displays from Toyota (naturally) and other manufacturers, as well as exhibits on alternative fuels. The MPG Challenge invites competitors on a 20-mile course to see who can get the most miles per gallon - any prize for the winner beyond saving the planet for a day is just icing on the cake.

I'll be there covering the event for those of you who can't make it, and I'll be meeting and greeting the average Joe's to find out how they get above average fuel economy, so you can learn about them right from the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, it looks as though I'll miss the conversion of Wisconsin Public Power's Prius to a plug-in hybrid, so whoever can videotape that and post it on YouTube, will get the vid posted here on AutoblogGreen, a shout out for who it came from, and a high-bandwidth stream of happy thoughts from me. I'll see you guys Saturday!

[Source: HybridFest]

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