Land Rover marketing causes anxiety in UK amid terror threats

Last month we told you about Land Rover's disaster marketing campaign. This month the story out of Solihull is instead a bit of a marketing disaster. The company sent "a slim box with a flashing green light," with text that read "it's fully charged" to a list of potential customers, to promote the Range Rover Sport Supercharged. About the time people were receiving the slim, blinky thing -- which was labeled as a marketing tidbit from Land Rover -- the biggest stories on the news were two car bombs being defused in London and an SUV ramming into the Glasgow airport. Land Rover, sensing a bout of bad timing, cut the mailing short and sent letters of apology to those who received the strobing package. There was no harm done, but you have to wonder, after Cartoon Network's Boston Lockdown episode, one would think that any marketing effort involving strange objects with flashing lights would be penciled off the list. For the record, the SUV that slammed into Glasgow airport was a Jeep, not a Rover.

[Source: Just Auto, sub req'd]

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