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The truck driver was seriously injured in the test.


65 trucks, each weighing 32 tons, should give wannabe terrorists pause.

The heavy objects are meant to act as a deterrent to anyone planning an attack like the one in Berlin.


Vehicles for use in terror attacks are reportedly being developed in Raqqa.


Nigerian terror group makes biodiesel from groundnut oil and salt.

Boko Haram extremist group is making its own biodiesel for motorbikes after government shuts off fuel lines.


The departure area at Brussels Airport and the Maelbeek metro station were targeted in the attacks.

At least 34 people are dead and 136 injured in the three explosions, but as of this writing, no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks.


Experts warn of security threats in the transportation realm.

Terrorists are developing plans to use self-driving cars as mobile bombs, a top security expert warns during South By Southwest.


Heat-Emitting Mannequins Could Fool Infrared Cameras

Uncovered terrorist training videos have shown that ISIS is attempting to develop remote-controlled car bombs that can beat a primary method of detection.


Suspect Linked To ISIS, Also Planned Attack On US Military Base

A UAE court has filed seven different terrorism-related charges against Mohammed Al-Habashi Al-Hashemi for a bombing plot against the 2014 Abu Dhabi GP.

Government agency details possible negative consequences of new technology

The Guardian in Britain recently gained access to an unclassified report from the FBI that basically brainstorms potentially nefarious uses for self-driving cars.

You'll be surprised to see what they can control from the back seat

About a month ago, we here at AOL Autos told you about the new department the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has set up to deal with the potential that hackers can get into your car's computer system and take it over.

As more software runs critical car systems, automotive cyber terrorism becomes a real fear

Imagine this grisly scenario: You're driving down the interstate with the cruise control set at the speed limit. Without warning, your car accelerates. The speedometer pushes past 100 miles per hour. Suddenly, the car turns left and crashes into the concrete median.


A runaway Jeep Grand Cherokee caused quite the disturbance in The Force Philadelphia on Thursday, March 1, when it broke through a chain-link fence and careened onto and across several active runways at Philadelphia International Airport.


If you've been living in a house with no TV or internet connection, you may not have heard that Osama bin Laden was found and killed. Actually, even if you have been living in such a house, you still probably know about bin Laden. Teams of analysts are combing through a mountain of data recovered from bin Laden's compound, and one nugget of information they've found is a bit surprising; bin Laden was against a proposed plan for U.S.-based Al Qaeda operatives to weld blades to the grilles of pick

What had been set to be the longest edition yet of the Dakar Rally now won't happen at all. A day before the race was due to kick off in Lisbon on Saturday, organizers decided to cancel the entire event. A series of terrorist attacks, including the Dec. 24 killing of a French family in Mauritania and another where several soldiers were killed along with direct threats against the race, triggered the first cancellation in the race's thirty year history. Both Mitsubishi and Volkswagen were expect

Last month we told you about Land Rover's disaster marketing campaign. This month the story out of Solihull is instead a bit of a marketing disaster. The company sent "a slim box with a flashing green light," with text that read "it's fully charged" to a list of potential customers, to promote the Range Rover Sport Supercharged. About the time people were receiving the slim, blinky thing -- which was labeled as a marketing tidbit from Land Rover -- the biggest stories on the news were two car bo