Pretty Colors: Bugatti offers new rims n' trims for Veyron

Let's admit it: playing around with the customizing tools for cars you never intend to buy is fun. Although the Veyron's is one of the nicer ones we've tinkered around with, the lack of choices gets boring pretty quick, two-tone paint schemes notwithstanding. Fortunately the good folks at Bugatti – those same good folks who brought us the 1000hp ultra-mega-über-super-car – have decided to bestow upon us a few more criteria to tinker with. Alright, maybe it's more for the actual customers, but since there won't be another Bugatti model coming anytime soon, as we sorrowfully reported several months back, we'll take what we can get.

Future buyers ponying up the million clams it takes to put a Veyron in their (undoubtedly immaculately paved) driveways will now be offered several new choices: a few new color combinations, some new leather trim options for the interior, and colored wheels. The latter will likely please individualistic buyers the most, as a 250-mph supercar can't take just any wheels the aftermarket has to offer.

Reports also suggest that Bugatti is working on a revised exhaust system following client feedback that the exhaust note was not sufficiently impressive, muffled as it were by the four turbochargers (!) and whatnot.

If anyone needs us, we'll be spending the next little while sorting out our new preferred Veyron specs.

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[Source: Spiegel Online via German Car Blog and Motor Authority]

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