Apple hearts Autoblog

You may remember my giddiness last September when we learned that Autoblog had been seen on the jumbotron behind Steve Jobs in the latest keynote for Apple. While demoing some cool new stuff that Apple's Mail program would be able to do when the new OS comes out, one could see the subject of a few emails were Autoblog post titles. Today we found out why they were there, and as a few commenters speculated back then, Apple's new Mail program will be able to incorporate RSS feeds. The company's latest Stevenote was today, and Autoblog has been featured front and center again in the demo video highlighting Mail's new features. Click this link to visit Apple's demo page for Leopard, the newest version of its OSX operating system. Click the "Watch the Demo" link for Mail and wait until the end when Autoblog gets a much appreciated free plug from his Steveness. Thanks Apple!

Hat tip to everyone who let us know about this!

[Source: Apple]

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