FTC cracking down on 'gas aid gadgets'

A recent test of 93 so-called 'gas gadgets' - devices or fuel additives that allegedly improve fuel economy - has found that almost all of them simply don't work. The results of the test, which were conducted by the EPA's Ann Arbor laboratory, have led to the Federal Trade Commission issuing a consumer warning not to waste money on the dodgy devices.
A spokesman from the FTC explained that the "products often are found to have little or no savings in terms of fuel economy and can damage your engine or increase emissions."

With gas prices continuously sitting above the $3 per gallon mark many consumers seek out ways to save fuel and there are always companies or marketers ready to take advantage by selling products that either haven't been properly tested or come with false claims.

According to the experts, one way that you can actually save fuel is to properly maintain your vehicle. That means monitoring tire pressure, changing filters and keeping up to date with regular servicing intervals. One measure, however, that works better than any other is to keep control of your right foot. Check out this post over at Autoblog Green for more tips.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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