Would you like to Tango? George Clooney does

As the photo shows, Commuter Car's Tango is a tiny 2-passenger one-box vehicle sitting on four tiny tires. What is doesn't show is that is it only one meter wide (39 inches)! It is so narrow it can drive two abreast in a normal road lane. It is so short it can park four to a standard parking space. Being so narrow, how can it be stable? Well, if you put 460 kilograms (about 1,000 pounds) of lead acid batteries under the floor of it, you get a mighty low center of gravity.

We've covered the Tango before (see below), but what about actually using one of these as a daily driver? I think it'd be good, but for one issue.

The seating is tandem. I don't know if there is provision for air conditioning. Power is awesome. 0 - 60 mph is quoted as about four seconds so it can leave any wise guys as the traffic light in the dust. The car is to be assembled by Commuter Cars, Inc. of Spokane, WA. George Clooney did order the first one but I don't think it has been delivered yet. Like the Tesla, this is not a cheap vehicle. The price range is between $108,000 and $148,000.

The point of this vehicle is that it lacks a lot of fatal flaws that plague other vehicle types. For instance:
  • It doesn't use petroleum. It is an EV charged from the grid.
  • Unlike a motorcycle, it is all weather, full enclosed. Safer.
  • It is far easier to find parking and to park than a normal configuration 2 or 4 seat car. Easier than a Smart car.
  • It is a good solution to the traffic problem we face in our metropolitan areas.
Its only glaring flaw is that it is way too expensive. When prices drop to one-tenth of what it is now, I will ask my wife to consider it for her daily commute.

[Source: Commuter Cars]

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