Making a safety case for the Tango

Tango creator Rick Woodbury addresses safety concerns anyone might have while driving his narrow-bodied electric vehicle. The advantages are obvious: easy parking, slipping through congested traffic, no wasted space. Skeptics question the safety of such a small vehicle in a jungle filled with 7,000-pound SUVs. Rollover and crash protection bring on the obvious anxiety. But Woodbury says his vehicle has the static rollover threshold of a Porsche 911 because of the battery location. And the Tango has rollcage-style construction with four side-protection bars. Woodbury makes an educated case for his commuter vehicle. From first glance, I'm not sure I would feel comfortable on the freeway, yet I would drive one down the boulevard if, and only if, the acceleration was quick enough to help get me out of trouble and the steering was stable enough to help me avoid trouble. I look forward to driving one in the near future.

[Source: Rick Woodbury/EV World]

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