Town & Country, Jimmy Neutron edition

It's better than Lee Iacocca saying something like "fo shizzle." Chrysler has joined up with Nickelodeon to shill their newly revamped minivans. With the addition of Sirius TV to beam content off the birds and into the backseat, it makes perfect sense for the two to team up. I'd rather interact with our child, but some parents just need a break from their little monsters, and video screens in the back seem to shut them up for a while. Cartoon characters have been used to sell cars before; even the Peanuts gang promoted Ford Falcons back in the '60s. Perhaps there will be some kind of Joe Camel effect, and the kids will specifically request that mom and pop take a ride at the Chrysler dealer when it's time for a new Wagon Queen Family Truckster. The new Chrysler minis are cool, with their video systems, flexible swivelly seats and if patriotism appeals to you, they're the last US brand in the game.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

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