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Google And FCA To Build Self-Driving Minivans In Partnership | Autoblog Minute

FCA and Google will work together to build self-driving minivans in a Motor City-Silicon Valley partnership.

Marchionne on Alfa's US return, Dodge Dart's powertrain weakness and minivan plans

As a reporter covering an auto show, the one opportunity you never want to miss is going to the Sergio Marchionne press briefing.

Why Ford Is Adding A New Model It Prays Won't Be Called a "Minivan"

Ford Transit Connect Wagon attempts to carve out smaller-than-minivan segment

Ford unveiled a new vehicle Tuesday that looks like a minivan, carries as many passengers as a minivan and has sliding doors like a minivan. Just don't call it a minivan.

Overheating batteries put Chrysler plug-in hybrid testing on hold

Chrysler hasn't exactly been in a leadership role when it comes to, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Disbanding the ENVI group in 2009 sure didn't help. Plug-in vehicle development continued, though, but the company's PHEV's are now facing another obstacle: overheating. Fortunately, this hasn't meant Jon LeSage

25th Anniversary Minivans get interior spiffing

Click above to view high-res gallery of 25 years of Chrysler minivans

Fuel-sipping diesel European minivans - is one right for you?

It's back to school season and, since buses aren't available everywhere, for some people it's time to drive the kids to their classes. With all those important soccer football matches games, swimming lessons and family escapes on long weekends, you need a vehicle with enough seats for your children and a place to keep all their gear. Minivans tend to be heavier than sedan counterparts, not only because of size, but because they

Spy Shots: 2011 Chevy Tacuma minivan

Jalopnik has caught spy shots of a fleet -- well, two -- of the new Chevy Tacuma minivans bound for Europe. If they are indeed replacing this Chevy Tacuma as well as that aardvark masquerading as a minivan, the Uplander, then it looks like things are about to get a lot more spacious over yonder pond. Suppos

Forbes lists top 10 family cars

As the self-appointed family car reviewer for Autoblog, I have some opinions on the topic. If money were no object, my nomination for the ultimate family car would be split between the Mercedes-Benz R-Class and the BMW 5 Series wagon. But the R-Class entry price is $42k, and the Bimmer's is close to $50k -- not exactly family-friendly.

Future Classic: 1984 Chrysler Minivans

Think of what the automotive landscape looked like nigh on 25 years ago. Mentioning "family car" in 1983 would have conjured a station wagon. Some of us dig wagons, while others think we're daft because of the stigma they still carry. There's no denying that a wagon is an excellent way to transport kids and stuff, but those beasts of yesteryear often led to yearnings for an alternative. We all remember getting carsick while sitting in the rear-facing third row torture chamber, cut off from the r

Dodge in danger of losing #1 minivan title

The moral of a certain African tale is: no matter whether you're the lion or the gazelle, when you get up every morning you better be ready to run. That counts for rams, as well. One of Chrysler LLC's most profitable divisions is getting run down in a historically dominant specialty:

The Ohio State University studies the impact on our air from light trucks, SUVs and minivans

We often write about the problems associated with the huge numbers of light trucks, SUV's and minivans here in America. It's true: The highest volume of vehicles sold are trucks like the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Nissan Titan and now the new Toyota Tundra. Minivans are still pretty good sellers too, and Chrysler is just now rolling out their redesigned models. But, a recent study by The Ohio State University found that

Town & Country, Jimmy Neutron edition

It's better than Lee Iacocca saying something like "fo shizzle." Chrysler has joined up with Nickelodeon to shill their newly revamped minivans. With the addition of Sirius TV to beam content off the birds and into the backseat, it makes perfect sense for the two to team up. I'd rather interact with our child, but some parents just need a break from their little monsters, and video screens in the back seem to shut them up for a while. Cartoon characters have been used to sell cars before; even t

NHTSA to require two latches on sliding van doors

What's $7 when a child's life might be at stake? That's the apparent message from the NHTSA to carmakers that build vehicles with sliding doors -- basically minivans. On Tuesday the NHTSA announced that these types of vehicles will now require a secondary latch to help prevent sliding doors from popping open in an accident and potentially expelling occupants. Nearly half of the 1.4 million vans sold in 2003 would be affected. Statistics on unbelted motorists being ejected from a vehicle are cite

Fleets inflating domestic minivan sales numbers

In recent years, we know very few people with kids who have opted to buy domestic minivans as the primary family hauler. More often than not, we hear the Odyssey and Sienna names put forth, followed by an assortment of SUVs, domestic and otherwise. Some people have undoubtedly abandoned a domestic brand for one of the Japanese big guns. This isn't surprising, since the Odyssey and Sienna do the job very well.