Overgrown Tricycles? Nope, it's the Can Am Spyder and Gilera Fuoco 500ie!

Here we go again with another round of multiple posts about motorcycles with three wheels on the same day. Earlier today, we told you about a new scooter that could be coming in the future from Can Am, and we reminded you of the Can Am Spyder, which is a three-wheeled motorcycle (two in the front, one in the back) which was recently made available in the United States. I believe that this is the first mention of the Gilera Gilera Fuoco 500ie, however. That might be because that brand is not available in the United States. But, we have brought you plenty of news about the Piaggio MP3, on which the Fuoco is based. The difference between the two bikes is in the styling and the size of the engine. The Gilera features a large 500 cc engine, while the Piaggio's make due with 125s and 250s. Rumor has it that a larger version of the MP3 will be available soon.

One major and obvious difference between the two vehicles here is that the Gilera and MP3 lean into turns like a motorcycle, while the Can Am does not. The Can Am does offer sophisticated technology to keep you on the road, however, with stability control and ABS brakes. Just how practical are these two machines? That depends on the rider, of course. What is the weather like where you live? How far do you travel in a day? Do you often carry large items with you? Conversely, how much money can you spend on a vehicle? How much do you want to spend filling up the tank? Vehicles like this serve a small market of people who enjoy wind-in-the-hair riding but want some added stability and feeling of safety, and they save plenty of gas in the process. There is also a rumor that Vectrix might release an electric scooter based on the technology of the MP3. That would be really great.

[Source: Telegraph]

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