Mazda stylist gives insight into design at the Zoom-Zoom company

Our friends at AutoblogGreen recently got the chance to hear the Chief of Mazda's US design team, Franz von Holzhausen, give an insight into the design culture at Mazda. Reading his name immediately conjures the image of a sophisticated Euro stylist but the Connecticut-born designer, now based in California, looked more SoCal surfer than smug design guru.
Speaking about specific models and concepts, Holzhausen reveals that inspiration is taken from nature with designs that are more fluid and organic than the blocky shapes seen in most production cars today. As always, Mazda's persistent "Zoom, Zoom" philosophy will continue to play a major role in future designs. There will be more RWD and AWD models in the lineup, a departure from its current range, plus a greater focus on interiors, too.

One key factor that will have an affect on all aspects of car development is the impending US Energy bill that's currently being debated on Capitol Hill. With targets of 35mpg proposed for cars and trucks by 2020, we're likely to see a dramatic change in some designs. Lower drag coefficients, more underbody diffusers and fluid shapes are all in store for future models. We can't wait.

[Source: Autoblog Green]

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