MoveOn wants more enforceable gas gouging bill

There's certainly very little risk to a politician to take on oil companies these days, as the recent bit of anti-price gouging legislation on Capital Hill has shown (see links below). At the end of May, the U.S. congress voted to stop customers getting fleeced at the pump, or so they said. The bill itself is pretty toothless and now MoveOn is going to the mat to support a toothier version.

From MoveOn's email: "Big Oil and their friends in Congress were hoping no one would notice. We did. And we have to show them that this kind of bait-and-switch isn't acceptable. There are more votes coming, and Congress needs to feel the heat from voters, so they stand up to the oil lobby. We've created a hard-hitting ad to run in the congressional paper, designed to do just that.'

The ad isn't as hard-hitting at they suggest, as you can see by clicking on the image above and reading it. But who can be for screwing customers at the pump? We can argue about the value of high gas prices to both further investment in alternatives and in making people reconsider driving everywhere, but gouging? No, thanks.

My favorite part of the way MoveOn is asking for money in this campaign is the way they've set up the donation table. You can give them $3.29 (the average price of a gallon of gas when the campaign started), $19.74 (tank of gas for a Prius), $39.48 (tank of gas for a Honda) or $118.44 (tank of gas for a Hummer). 'Course, if you're paying too much for gas, do you have any left over for politics?

[Source: MoveOn]

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