Kelley Blue Book studies gas-savings habits and announces top fuel-efficient picks

Sometimes when I read about studies that consumers respond to which concern fuel economy, I think that people must drive around on nearly flat tires with old air filters under their hoods and the air conditioner on full blast at all times. But, maybe I'm just over-reacting a bit. I dunno, you tell me.

Anyway, yet another study regarding fuel saving tips was performed, this time by Kelley Blue Book. They found that sixty percent of respondents would change their filters at designated times while sixty-eight percent believe that they could save $200 by "performing some or all of the recommended gas-saving maintenance to their car". Does that mean that there are eight percent of respondents who believe that they could save $200 but don't care enough to change their filter? Who knows? Anyway, my suggestion to anybody who's reading this is fairly simple, and you probably don't need to hear it again... but here I go anyway. Change your oil. Change your filters. Check your tire pressure. Only use the A/C when necessary. If you do those things, you're probably better off than "the other" thirty percent from the aforementioned survey. Not that you needed a survey to tell you that!

This news came along with KBB's Editors' Top Picks for Best Fuel-Efficient Vehicles.

[Source: Kelley Blue Book]

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