Entourage stars drive like movie stars - in Priuses

Maybe AutoblogGreen needs to go to more swanky premieres.
Forbes caught up with the stars of HBO's "Entourage" the other night in Manhattan at the premiere party for season four and asked them about cars, specifically green cars.

Mark Wahlberg, the executive producer of "Entourage", said he's really in the market for an all-electric Escalade ("If we had listened to Jimmy Carter, we'd have some great electric cars right now," he said). Some of the stars of the show are right there with him. Rhys Coiro (who plays Billy Walsh) doesn't own a car, just a motorcycle. Rex Lee (Lloyd) will buy a Prius the next time he's car shopping, Adrian Grenier's (Vincent Chase) first car was a Prius

Hayden Panettiere (who plays Claire Bennet on "Heroes") was also there and said she is selling her Merlot Porsche Cayenne S with a black leather interior, navigation system and a wooden steering wheel and panel, so she can buy a Prius. Why, Forbes asks: "Because I feel like a bad human being, and I hate to say this, but when you're an actor and in the spotlight, people watch what you do, people watch what you drive, watch what you say. And it feels to me - I'm into charities and into those kind of things - so I feel like if I'm trying to make a change and everything else and voice my opinion, then at least I can be driving a good, healthy car."

All these people know they're in the public eye and know what's the smart thing to say (green = good), so why don't we see the characters in Entourage cruising around in some greener wheels? Perhaps when the Tesla Roadster is available...

[Source: ForbesAuto via Ecorazzi]

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