Autoblog Podcast #69

Podcast #69 finds John breathlessly wringing out Forza Motorsport 2 on his XBox 360 and putting out the call for some really talented people to build an Autoblog car with the game's abysmal editor. Compensation (if any) has yet to be determined; if you make a rusted-out Pacer, it will probably not bring the same reward as a Panoz Esperante would.
Moving on from time-wasting frivolities, we dive right into some news. Our first item is the ute-like Scion xP, which may turn the compact pickup market on its ear and spark some life in that segment, we hope. Going for diametric opposition, we move from compact pickups to race cars with some discussion of this year's LeMans. Speaking of racing, Dan Roth, who fills Damon's spot this week, gets mildly tossed under the bus for his slightly controversial drifting video post. To quote Lucy Van Pelt: "Don't you know sarcasm when you hear it?"

Mea Culpas disbursed, the gang moves on to the 4.5 liter GM Duramax diesel V8 that could find its way into some mainstream passenger cars if we all cross our fingers and click our heels. The monster torque of the new motor would be a delight in a wide range of the General's vehicles, from HUMMERs to Cadillacs. On a lighter, yet still dissapointing note, the exhuming of Tulsa's buried Belvidere makes us glad we weren't the "fortunate" one who wins the Plymouth Oxide Special. We go off on a tangent to wrap things up, armchair quarterbacking which car we'd choose to bury for posterity. 47 minutes should be long enough to keep you grinning (or groaning) on your commute, enjoy!

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