Huh?!? A jacked-up, off-road all-electric GEM ATV?

Some car mods leave me speechless. I like Star Wars as much as the next guy (well, maybe a little bit more) and you know we enjoy VegOil conversions 'round these parts. But jacking up a GEM? That's a new one, and one I'm not 100 percent comfortable with.

Our friend Mike Magda is in Pismo Beach before the big Father's Day custom car show, the Pismo Beach Classic, before it gets going tomorrow. There are already a lot of cars in town, like the GEM you see above. Mike said the owner wasn't around to get the details from, "but it looks like the GEM has been outfitted with air shocks and ATV tires. That's looks like an air reservoir under the cab and I did notice air lines to the shocks. It's got AZ plates and I'm sure they didn't drive it here. Probably trailered it along with their car and they use the GEM to cruise
around beach streets and recharge at the hotel. Going electric doesn't have to be boring."

No doubt. There's another picture in the gallery below.
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[Source: Mike Magda]

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