Tricking cars ain't like dusting crops, boy

Star Wars fans, someone has gone ahead and built your dream car without you. Cleverly masquerading as a road-going Honda Civic Del Sol, this starship is actually capable of .5 past lightspeed, running on ionized tritonium, available at any starport fueling station. Replacement parts, while expensive, are easy to find, and last I heard, Tosche Station on Tatooine had a great deal going on power converters. It has a standard astromech port in the rear to handle major navigation duties, though this particular vessel would not be too comfortable on long hyperspace jumps. And one must always remember to return and secure the removable hardtop to its place before leaving the atmosphere. The laser cannons are functional, and while not exactly environmentally friendly, will get you out of a road rage situation one way or another. This ship kicked in its afterburners and went to lightspeed before we could get a shot of the front or of the pilot, but my guess is it's someone from Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, CA. For those as confused as I was regarding the license plate, it reads: Obi-Shawn. Hah.

This guy did a great job on his car, and certainly has gotten the most fun possible out of his 1.6L four-banger - a little imagination and it's a hyperdrive. You can see pictures of him and his wife (that's right, he has a wife) gallivanting around at various Star Wars events, detailed shots of the 'show car', as well as some creative specifications on the vessel here.

Thanks for the 'tip', dad.

[Source: H-wing]

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