71 MPG SMART Fortwo cdi in pictures

There's nothing ground-breaking in these photos of SMART's upcoming Europe-only, cdi-powered Fortwo. We just thought you might want some big pictures of a little car. Plus, anyone interested in buying a U.S.-spec car who hasn't caught the tiny things touring our country can get a better view of the interior appointments. The cars pictured are even left-hand drive models. Besides color, one of the only interior differences an American driver should see is a speedo calibrated for MPH instead of KM/H.

It's too bad we won't be getting the cdi engine any time soon. SMART brags the new diesel gets about 71 MPG and says if driven 15,000 KM a year, you'll only need to fill the tank 15 times. A year. The three cylinders turn out only 45 BHP, but the whole car only weighs 1,720 pounds. Not exactly Lotus power to weight, but enough to carry around a couple of commuters with not much trouble.

Check the jump for SMART's full press release (full of stats), and click here for the high-res gallery.

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The new smart fortwo cdi
Just 3.3 litres per 100 kilometres:
The world's most economical production car
with the lowest CO2 emissions

Stuttgart – with fuel consumption of just 3.3 litres per 100 kilometres (NEDC) and emissions of 88 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre the new smart fortwo cdi is the most economical production car worldwide. A full tank of fuel costs around €38.00* and 33 litres of fuel will take the 33 kW/45 bhp two-door car approximately 1,000 kilometres – for example theoretically from central Berlin to the outskirts of Paris without refuelling. With an annual mileage of 15,000 kilometres drivers of a new smart fortwo cdi would only have to refuel 15 times a year. In other words: the smart fortwo cdi is the right small car at the right time.

The smart engineers have improved the successful cdi engine from the predecessor model and equipped it for the future. The power and torque have each increased by ten percent, whilst the fuel consumption has decreased by around
13 percent. In figures this means power of 33 kW/45 bhp and maximum torque of 110 Newton metres that is delivered between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm. The new smart fortwo cdi thus offers a combination of agility, economy and environmental compatibility that is unique in this class and that adds up to all-round driving fun.

This is thanks to the world's smallest direct-injection diesel engine – a masterpiece of engine development – that boasts technology previously only found in larger capacity engines, despite its extremely compact dimensions. For example the latest generation common-rail direct injection which builds up high injection pressure of up to 1,600 bar (previously: 1,350 bar) even at low revs, and injects the fuel into the combustion chambers with newly developed six-hole injectors, enabling an even more efficient combustion process.

A turbo-charger, charge-air cooling, electrically controlled and cooled exhaust gas recirculation, hydraulic compensation of valve clearance and a state-of-the-art light alloy construction are further features that identify the cdi engine as a high-tech package.

*assuming a litre price of €1.15

The smallest direct-injection diesel engine with state-of-the-art technology

The three-cylinder engine has also adopted two-phase fuel injection from the CDI engines of its sister brand Mercedes-Benz. A few milliseconds before the
main injection a small quantity of diesel is injected into the combustion chambers where it ignites and preheats the cylinders. This results in a noticeably quieter combustion noise level than an engine without this pilot injection. The electronic "brain" of the cdi engine – a high-performance micro-computer that controls the whole engine-transmission system – calculates how much fuel is needed and the interval at which pilot injection and main injection take place.

The most important data on the new smart fortwo cdi at a glance:

R3, 2 valves per cylinder

Engine capacity
799 cc

65.5 x 79 mm

Power output
33 kW/45 bhp

Max. torque
110 Nm at 2,000-2,500 rpm

0-100 km/h
19.8 s

Maximum speed
135 km/h

Comb. fuel consumption*
3.3 l/100 km

.87 gals/62.1 miles

CO2 emissions
88 g/km


The quick response of the cdi engine is first and foremost thanks to the compact yet extremely effective turbocharger that is housed in the exhaust manifold. Its compressor wheel has a diameter of just 31 millimetres, yet it rotates at up to 290,000 rpm and builds up maximum charge pressure of approximately 1,150 millibars. This gives the three-cylinder engine more air to "breathe" and enables it to develop impressive torque: 85 Newton metres are available even from 1,500 rpm – more than three quarters of the maximum torque.

This torque curve plays an important part in the fun behind the wheel that
drivers experience with every kilometre driven in a smart fortwo cdi. The smart fortwo cdi accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 19.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 135 km/h.

As before, the engines of the smart fortwo are fitted transversally in space-saving mode in front of the rear axle and they are inclined at an angle of 45 degrees towards the rear. The consistent use of lightweight materials means that the diesel engine weighs in at just 86 kilograms. The crankcase features a state-of-the-art diecast aluminium bedplate design and the cylinder head and cylinder head cover are likewise made of aluminium.

Exhaust gas recirculation, catalytic converter and particle filter as standard

The three-cylinder diesel engine controls emissions in two stages. The high-tech common-rail injection and the extremely efficient combustion process inside the engine provide for a low level of untreated emissions. Depending on the driving situation and the engine load, up to 60 percent of the previously cooled exhaust gas is returned to the combustion chambers where it is combusted once again thus greatly reducing nitrogen oxide emissions. The exhaust gas recirculation works with an electropneumatic actuator which enables it to react quickly to changes. An oxidation catalytic converter and an open diesel particle filter are responsible for the aftertreatment of the exhaust gases. These are housed together with the exhaust silencer in a stainless steel case.

Automated manual transmission with kick-down function

The three-cylinder diesel engine works with a newly developed automated manual five-speed transmission which the driver operates by briefly tapping the shift lever on the centre console. When briefly pushed forwards the transmission shifts to the next highest gear. Gently pulling the shift lever backwards is sufficient to shift down. Shift paddles on the steering wheel are optionally available and come as standard in the pulse model line. An automatic transmission mode is also available for all equipment variants. This is a standard feature for the passion model.

The clutch is opened and closed by an electric motor which means that there is no clutch pedal in the new smart fortwo cdi. To enable quick intermediate spurts the smart engineers have developed a kick-down function that is activated with
the accelerator pedal. This enables the driver to spontaneously change down by one or two gears and to make even better use of the engine's low-speed torque.

One of the safest cars in its class

It is not just the three-cylinder diesel engine that is unique feature in this vehicle class; the new smart fortwo cdi also boasts other technical innovations as standard. For example: the anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake-force distribution, the electronic stability programme (ESP®), brake assist, full-size airbags for driver and passenger, seat belts with belt tensioners and belt-force limiters, safety seats with integral seat belts and the sturdy tridion safety cell of which 50 percent consists of high-strength steel alloys and that has proved itself in the toughest crash tests.

This extensive safety equipment makes the new smart fortwo one of the safest cars in its class.

The body is 195 millimetres and the wheelbase 55 millimetres longer than that of the predecessor. This, together with the wider track (front: 7 millimetres; rear: 33 millimetres) greatly enhance the ride comfort and spaciousness. The luggage compartment capacity has increased from 150 to 220 litres or even from 260 to 340 litres when loaded to the roof (in accordance with the VDA measuring method). This means that six drinks crates fit into the luggage compartment of the new smart fortwo. The level loading area and the twin-section tailgate facilitate loading and unloading.

The new smart fortwo cdi is available as a coupé and a cabrio. The prices range from € 11,200 to € 16,240 in Germany (ex works) depending on the model and the equipment variant.
The standard equipment of the smart fortwo cdi

- H7 projection headlamps
- Third brake light
- White side indicators

Functional/electrical equipment
- Automated manual five-speed transmission with kick-down function
- Instrument cluster with multifunctional display
- Digital gear display with gear recommendation
- External temperature indicator with frost warning
- Indicators with lane-changer function
- Windscreen wipers with speed-sensitive interval wiping and
wipe/wash function
- Heated rear window
- Tank cap integrated in the central locking system
- 12 volt socket on centre console
- Central locking with radio remote control and immobiliser
- Diesel particle filter (open system, closed system from 2008)
- Electric soft top (smart fortwo cabrio)

- Passenger seat can be fully folded forwards (single hand operation)
- Storage compartment on passenger side, next to steering wheel and in the
- Coin holder (smart fortwo coupé)
- Mirror in driver's sun visor
- Storage compartment in tailgate

- tridion safety cell
- Crash-absorbing elements at front and rear
- Crash sensor to activate hazard warning lights
- Full-size driver and passenger airbag
- Safety seats with integral seat belts
- Belt tensioner and belt-force limiter
- Drive lock, automatic door locking when the vehicle is in motion
- ESP®
- ABS with electronic brake-force distribution
- Hydraulic brake assist
pure equipment line

The pure entry-level variant comes with everything that makes a smart a smart. The exterior of the pure is characterized by a black grooved plastic roof and steel rims. Its tridion safety cell is painted black. In the interior different surfaces and colours largely distinguish the basic version from the sporty pulse and the elegant and extensively equipped passion. The lower part of the instrument panel (knee pad) and the door trim are made of grained black plastic. The two-spoke steering wheel is a further feature of the pure, as are its mechanical window winders.

pulse equipment line

The name stands for sportiness. The pulse also features a black tridion safety cell, however this is optionally available in silver. Its six-spoke alloy wheels with wide tyres (175/55 R 15 at front, 195/50 R 15 at rear) give it a beefy appearance. The interior of the pulse features an upholstery colour exclusively available for this model and matching fabric elements for the instrument panel, knee pads and door trim that create a pleasant homely atmosphere. A glance upwards reveals the sky through a new panoramic roof made of polycarbonate. A black blind provides sun protection. The sporty character is emphasized by the rev counter and clock and a three-spoke leather steering wheel including steering wheel gearshift. Further standard features include electric windows and fog lights.

passion equipment line

The elegant and extensively equipped passion can always be identified by its silver tridion cell. The door mirrors and radiator grille are also painted silver. Further features include a panoramic roof made of polycarbonate and twelve-spoke alloy wheels (front tyres 155/65 R 15, rear tyres 175/60 R 15). Like the pulse, the fabric elements on the instrument panel, knee pad and door trim match the colour of the upholstery. Three different colours with a special fabric design are available. Further standard equipment includes air conditioning with temperature control, a leather sports steering wheel and the automatic gear programme softouch. Like the pulse the passion also has electric windows and in addition it comes with a luggage compartment cover including a net bag.


- tridion safety cell in silver (optional for pulse, standard for passion)
- Panoramic roof made from polycarbonate, with sun blind
(optional for pure, standard for the pulse and passion)
- Leather seats including seat heating (optional for pulse and passion)
- Glove compartment, lockable
- Luggage compartment cover including net (standard for passion)
- Smoker's kit
- 3-spoke leather steering wheel with steering wheel gearshift (incl. leather
gear knob) (standard for pulse, option for passion)
- Comfort/light package (electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors,
rain/light sensor, driveway illumination)
- softouch five speed transmission with automatic gear programme
(optional for pure and pulse, standard for passion)
- Electric power steering
- Air conditioning with automatic temperature control incl. dust and pollen filter
(optional for pure and pulse, standard for passion)
- Electric windows with comfort function (optional for pure)
- Electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors
- Heated seats
- Fog lights (optional for pure and passion, standard for pulse)
- Anti-theft alarm system
- Audio package: smart radio 9 (RDS radio CD, 2 loudspeakers),
smart sound system (two tweeters, two mid-range speakers, subwoofer,
smart MP3 interface)
- Provision for radio installation (incl. rod aerial and 2 loudspeakers)
- smart radio 9 (RDS radio CD, two loudspeakers)
- smart radio 10 (RDS radio with CD changer for 6 CDs, MP3 compatible,
incl. two loudspeakers)
- smart sound system
- Portable smart navigation system
- Head/thorax side airbags
- Breakdown kit
- ISOFIX child seat fastener incl. manual airbag deactivation
- Nine-spoke 15 inch alloy wheels with 155/65 R 15 tyres at front,
175/60 R 15 tyres at rear (optional for pure and passion)
- Dashboard instruments (cockpit clock, rev counter)
smart fortwo cdi
Technical data

Type diesel
Number of cylinders/
configuration three in-line
Valves two per cylinder
Capacity (cc) 799
Bore x stroke (mm) 65.5 x 79
Rated output (kW/bhp) 33/45
Fuel delivery Common-rail direct injection

Power transmission
Clutch single-plate dry clutch
Transmission automated manual five-speed transmission

Running gear
Front axle wishbone, McPherson strut,
anti-roll bar
Rear axle DeDion rear axle, coil springs,
telescopic shock absorbers
Brake system electronic stability programme ESP® with
hill start assist
Anti-lock braking system ABS with electronic
brake-force distribution, acceleration skid
control, electronic brake assist,
dual-circuit brake system with tandem
servo assistance, disc brakes at front,
drum brakes at rear
Steering rack-and-pinion steering
Wheels and tyres front/rear pure: 155/60 R15 on 4.5 J x 15 (front),
175/55 R15 on 5.5 J x15 (rear)
pulse: 175/55 R 15 on 5 J x 15 (front),
195/50R 15 on 6.5 J x 15 (rear)
passion: 155/60 R 15 on 4.5 J x 15 (front),
175/55 R15 on 5.5J x 15 (rear)

Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase (mm) 1867
Track width front (mm) 1283
Track width rear (mm) 1385
Length (mm) 2695
Width (mm) 1559
Height (mm) 1542
Turning circle (m) 8.75
Luggage compartment
capacity (l) 220 to waist line / 340 to roof
Weight without driver (kg) 780 (cabrio: 820)
Payload (kg) 270 (cabrio: 230)
Permissible total weight (kg) 1050
Fuel tank capacity/reserve (l) 33/5

Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s) 19.8
Maximum speed km/h 135

Fuel consumption
(l / 100 km) / diesel in acc. with NEDC
Combined 3.3
Emission class EU4

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