The different sides of diesel: Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins vs. Smart Fortwo CDI

As was recently discussed over on Autobloggreen,, our oft cited source for all the news that's fit to haul, has come up with an interesting comparison between diesels. The test pits one of the largest diesels this side of a semi, currently available for public consumption (and consume it does -- fuel that is), the Dodge Ram 2500 versus one of the smallest, the Smart FourTwo Brabus edition, a real-life Bambi meets Godzilla comparison.

One point that we found to be rather interesting was that the Cummins 6.7-liter diesel engine actually scales rather well when compared to the 0.8-liter engine of the Smart. In other words, if the Smart's engine were the size of the Cummins engine, it would get worse mileage. Our advice, which we could have provided even without this particular comparison test, is to buy the truck if you need to haul lots of stuff, and to buy the Smart (when it comes to the U.S.) if you want to eke the most miles out of each gallon of diesel fuel and don't need to haul much.

If you want to relive memories of pre-movie-cartoon Bambi meets Godzilla fun, click here! Thanks Tokyo!


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