Colorado man spends 7 months' worth of weekends (and $12,000) to make electric Chevy S-10

Thanks to an article in today's Colorado Springs' Gazette, I've learned about Mike Phillips, a man so dedicated the idea of electric vehicles that he spent a heap of cash (about $12,000) and over half a year converting a Chevy S-10 from gas to electric power. Sure, folks like Gadget can convert a 1978 Triumph to an EV over a weekend, but that takes nothing away from Phillips' home brew S-10 EV.

Phillips has created a website about his adventure, called Sparky EV (Sparky is the name of the truck) that details the conversion process, and he offers his email in case you'd like to try an experiment like this on your own and need advice. The Gazette piece says the truck, like most EVs, is limited in some ways. First, it only has about a 60-mile range, and Phillips can't get it much over 30 mph on hills. On the plus side, the truck only costs 12 cents per mile to drive. Compared that to 20 cents per mile for his other car, a Chevy Blazer, and Philips is proud to help the environment and reduce his own reliance on oil. On the doubleplus, his wife is proud of what he's accomplished.

[Source: Colorado Springs' Gazette, Sparky EV]

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