Left Coast Electric converts 1978 Triump into an EV in three minutes - Video

all photos in this post by Mike Magda

The man in the purple shirt behind this 1978 Triumph is Gadget, of Left Coast Electric (formerly Left Coast Conversions). You might remember him from "Who Killed The Electric Car?" or from an article in the L.A. Weekly last summer featuring LCC. Gadget enjoys taking gasoline engines out of classic cars and swapping in an electric motors and a battery pack. During the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo last December, he and his crew ripped out the guts of this Triumph and tried to convert the car in two days. A little hassle from the Fire Marshall and a few technical hiccups meant that the conversion wasn't complete by the time the Expo closed on Sunday, but they made a go of it, and proved it is possible.

Throughout the weekend, I returned to the conversion booth for quick updates, hoping to see the all-electric Triumph drive out on Sunday. That didn't happen, but the clips I did get make for fun viewing. I've finally find the time to edit the weekend's work into the three minute conversion.

The person describing what's up with the Triumph on the film is Gadget's friend Geo. There are more photos of the conversion after the jump. Enjoy.


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