Make a MINI masterpiece

Between VW and MINI (and Audi's multiplying microsites), it's a wonder we don't spend all day playing little flash games with cars. That is, what tiny bit of time we have left when we're finished talking about cars. The house of Hammer & Coop has come up with another pleasing time-waster for MINI-philes, one that lets you design a custom roof. When you're finished with your MINI Mondrian or some other artistic piece, you can submit your design to the gallery. If it gets approved (which can take up to a week), your car will appear in the site opener, parked among what look to be hundreds of cars created by folks who also had nothing better to do at work. (As far as we can tell, the picture above can't be created in the designer, so don't expect to see it in the gallery any time soon. But lolcats and MINI's are made for each other.)

[Source: via Autobild]

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