Mahindra hopes to offer diesel small trucks, SUVs and sedans in U.S. in '08

I have heard rumblings that Mahindra & Mahindra, a large Indian automaker which already sells tractors in the States, hopes to enter the American market in 2008. When I read this article from TTAC, it really got me thinking about the possibilities. With Americans getting used to start-up automakers like Tesla entering the alternative vehicle market, they might be willing to accept a company like Mahindra which already has a respected, established product line for sale in the U.S. as a reliable option. If as many dealers pop up as alluded to in that same article, and in the right markets, I could really see a small diesel powered utility truck selling very well. If our readers are any indication, the market is certainly ready for diesels to spring forth. If it were cheap, like around 20K reasonably equipped, using that vehicle as the family stuff-hauler would allow more people to accept a smaller, fuel efficient commuter as their second car, or even a scooter as a second vehicle. Don't laugh, check out the sales of scooters since Hurricane Katrina for proof that many are willing to do just that.

If you have any comments to add about Mahindra, please share them. I have heard a few people mention their tractors, and have only heard positive stories from them. I have never heard anything first-hand about their cars or trucks, though. Do you agree that the market is ready for a small, diesel powered truck?


[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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