Ford denies discussing sale of Volvo

Earlier this month we brought you a rumor that BMW was in talks with Ford to buy Volvo. Then just this week the rumor popped up again, in a Swedish newspaper. Now Ford comes out to officially quash the story, saying, "Ford Motor Company is not in discussions with BMW or any other company regarding an interest in the Volvo Car Corporation."

That should take care of it, right? Well, not with everyone. Reuters quotes several industry analysts saying such a sell wouldn't surprise them. Ford could make a load of much-needed money by getting rid of Volvo, and one analyst said he would expect Ford to look at all serious offers.

A Merrill Lynch analyst told Reuters Ford might get as much as $8 billion for Volvo, if, of course, it were for sale.

We've already stated our thoughts on BMW buying Volvo, but with the sale of Chrysler to a private equity group, could Volvo be the next Cerberus target? A Chrysler/Volvo team could be the halo marque the automaker needs, and Chrysler could also benefit from Volvo's safety first image.

Such a matchup might also mean a Magnum-based Volvo wagon. Interesting.

Thanks for the tip, SobeSVT!

[Source: Reuters via Yahoo]

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