The Killacycle is the current world record holder for the quickest quarter mile time for any electric vehicle. It is powered by two 6.7 inch electric motors, which operate on 374 volts of lithium ion power using a custom battery pack provided by A123 Systems. The record run stands at 8.168 seconds at 155.74mph. Think that's fast? Yeah, me too... but not fast enough for the bike's owner, Bill Dube, who believes that he should be able to break the regular motorcycle record of 5.88 seconds at 243mph. This would be a great headline generating story, and would show exactly what is possible from electric motors and new battery technology. While a vehicle that is this fast is probably best left off the street, those who know something about batteries know that by reducing the power output of these same batteries can drastically extend their runtime, which is very exciting indeed.


[Source: Killacycle via Youtube and Motorcycle News]

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