It might look like an S2000 out there on the 'Ring, but something's not quite right. We've all ogled the spy pictures by now, but Inside Line has produced a nifty little video of what we all think is a development mule for the next Acura NSX. Just listen to that angry exhaust note – that ain't no 4 pot. The S2000 duds are a nice blending tactic – it doesn't draw that much attention to itself, and it gives Honda time to get it together after their body design was met with a yawn in Detroit. The grey bomber makes good use of its rumored 5.5 liter V10 and SH-AWD as it digs into corners and claws its way around the German racetrack. Unlike the original NSX, this time around, the Honda supercar platform will be front-engined, and may not be called NSX. The high points of this mule have already been covered, so click the pic and enjoy the video.
[Source: Inside Line]

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