Safety telematics just might be standard by 2011

I'm starting to pay a little more attention to news about vehicle safety telematics. Telematics is the idea that vehicles are in communication with things like streetlights, cell phones and other vehicles. Some of these features seem a bit futuristic, but an article in Automotive News today predicts they will be standard by 2011. We've heard a lot about what Nissan has been doing and there are systems like OnStar, but this is something we'll have to investigate further in due time. We'll see if more news doesn't start flowing soon. If AN is right, it certainly should be.

According to AN, Thilo Koslowski, vice president of technology research company Gartner Inc., said yesterday that "virtually" all automakers will have telematics strategies in place by 2008, and some will have telematics in operation. By 2011, then, telematics that have to do with safety will be standard on all vehicles. Things like hands-free cell phone integration and navigation are desired by consumers, but things like shopping while driving aren't. Whew. Maybe there's some sense left in the consumer mind after all.

[Source: Jack Herman / Automotive News]

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