If smaller cars are a good thing, why not smaller boats too?

Just yesterday, we ran a post indicating that some people in the United States of America would like to see some better small cars on our side of the pond. Despite what many believe, not all Americans believe that bigger is always better. I know that trucks and SUVs have been all the rage for the last ten years or so, but small cars such as the Mini, New Beetle and even the Smart are proving that small can be cool too. OK, so that covers cars, but what about other forms of transportation. Well, small private jets are certainly considered cool, and scooters are making inroads in the typically huge custom cruiser style motorcycle market, not that I expect most Harley owners to trade their Road Kings in for Vespas or anything. But how about boats? I know that many consider a huge yacht to be the utmost in luxury confines, but then again, I also know some would choose kayaking over pontoon-ing any day. So, why not take a moment to consider a catamaran which is capable of folding down to the size of a large gym bag? Ever dreamed of sailing on the ocean blue but realized that you couldn't afford to (I'm a poet...)? Try this one out for size.

[Source: Gizmag]

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