SmartUSA has already accepted 12,600 deposits for the FourTwo

We just shared with you earlier today a news item that SmartUSA will be trekking across the United States, coast to coast, to show off their new Smart FourTwo that will be available to U.S. consumers for the first time next year. Now, we get news that 12,600 deposits of $99 have already been placed for the diminutive little machine, and the tour hasn't even started yet! With three-quarters of the expected total allotment for the year already spoken for, if you want one and still have not put any money down to hold your spot in the line, perhaps you should get on that. Or, just wait a year and get your's then.

Anybody care to comment on whether or not this spike in early adopters means that there is more interest in the cars in America than was originally thought? Or, do you think that these 12,600 deposits represent a large portion of the people who are interested at all? My $.02 - I think that they won't have too much trouble selling them in the U.S. for the first few years, but I also wouldn't be too quick to assume that they will sell out like this year after year, especially after new electrics and hybrids hit the market. To read a few more opinions check out the comments on Autoblog.

[Source: Autoblog]

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